Past Events

We had a busy time in 2019 with NEMMOC organised events and also external events that we were invited to support. We've listed a few of them below.

If you'd like to pop along and say hello sometime why not check out our Upcoming  Events page? We'd love to see you.

Drive it day 28 April



Bowes Museum 5 May

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Aln Valley Railway

DSC_8557 copyJPGDSC_8574 copyJPGDSC_8527 copyJPG

DSC_8507 copyJPG

NEMMOC Branch Rally 16 - 18 August

DSC_8830 copyJPGRally_Union_Flags copyjpegDSC_8826 copyJPGRally02 copy 2jpegRally_WD40 copy 2jpeg

Darlington Vintage Vehicle Rally 24 August

Darlo3 copyjpegDarlo01 copyjpegDarlo_all_Stars copyjpegDarlo_2 copyjpegDarlo_Tracey copyjpegDarlo_Award copyjpeg

Cummins Engines Open Day

Cummins_04 copy 2jpegCummins_Line_Up copyjpegCummins_03 copy 2jpegCummins_Stuart2 copyjpegCummins_02 copy 2jpeg